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Smart Steps

Grades K to 2

Develop Strategic, Independent Readers with an Integrated Literacy Program

  • PROVIDE 115 tightly and carefully leveled Fiction and Nonfiction readers, available in print and digital formats, that offer multiple opportunities to engage young readers.
  • TEACH reading with scaffolded and explicit instruction, teach more content, and differentiate instruction designed for whole class, small group, and independent learning.
  • MEET the needs and track the progress of your diverse classroom with built-in ELL instruction strategies, school-home connections, and practice and assessment worksheets.

Program Overview
Smart Steps is a differentiated reading program designed to teach young students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 literacy skills and strategies in an integrated and well-defined fashion. Smart Steps helps you to guide students in the development of their reading comprehension and language and foundational skills through flexible, easy-to-use instruction.

Teacher Guides
Teach close reading skills in whole class and small group settings with print and digital activities.

Each 6-page Teacher Guide includes:

  • 3-page Lesson Plan
    • Lesson Objectives, CCSS correlations, and close reading instruction
    • Vocabulary mini-lessons
    • Lesson Enhancement Features extend learning with digital books
    • School-Home Connection Strategies and ELL Strategies
  • Skills Practice Instruction - Additional practice activities for Language and Foundational Skills and Writing
  • 2 Worksheets
    • Skills Practice Worksheet for Language and Foundational skills covered in each book
    • Comprehension Worksheet focuses on students' ability to meet the book's reading objectives. May be used for assessment.

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Student Books: Available in Print and Digital Formats
Every Smart Steps Print 6-Pack Contains Access to a Digital Version of the Title

Designed to engage and introduce young readers to a variety of text types, the 115 fiction and nonfiction student books are available in print and digital formats.

  • Develop new vocabulary by teaching students to process words in context.
  • Books include a variety of line lengths and sentence structures.
  • Each book features higher-order critical thinking 'Think About It' questions.
  • Extend learning through the interactive features found in the digital leveled readers!
    • Read-along audio: Words in text are highlighted.
    • Each word on a page is clickable, allowing students to hear word pronunciations.
    • Foundational/Language Skills question and Comprehension question on every 2-page spread.
    • Each nonfiction student book contains video clips.
    • Access 2 printable worksheets with exercises that reinforce foundational skills and reading comprehension.
    • Project the Think About It questions using an interactive whiteboard for whole class discussion.

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Every 6-Pack Contains Access to a Digital Book!
Perfect for whole class and small group settings.
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Download the complete program
Scope and Sequence. (235K pdf)

Offer students exposure to a wide variety of text types.

Integrate and enhance your literacy instruction. Cover Reading, Language and Foundational Skills, and Writing in one lesson and align to the Common Core State Standards!.

Differentiate your instruction and provide each student with the necessary reading and practice opportunities.

Extend learning through the interactive features found in the Digital Leveled Readers.

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Page Count Word Count
Smart Steps: Kindergarten K A - E 16 16 - 148
Smart Steps: Grade 1 1 F - I 16 177 - 390
Smart Steps: Grade 2 2 J - M 24 411 - 599


Smart Steps
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WA-35256 Complete Grades K2 Classroom Collection: 690 Print Books (6 each of 115 titles), 115 Interactive E-books; 115 Teacher Guides $6,299.00 Correlate

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