10 Reasons for Students to Read Every Day

We all know that there's a wealth of research that supports daily reading, especially prior to and during the period when children are learning to read. The more exposure to books, the better reader a child becomes. When children are good readers, they are good speakers and good writers. They do better in school and on standardized tests. Building independent reading into your day (in the classroom and at home) helps you to create an environment where students are encouraged to extend their learning.


10 Reasons for Your Students to Read Every Day (Including Several That May Surprise You!)

10 Reasons to Read Every Day

1. Reading activates and exercises many areas of the brain.
2. Reading ignites the imagination.
3. Reading teaches children about the world outside of their own experience, and fosters empathy.
4. Reading expands children's vocabulary.
5. Reading develops children's listening skills by keying them in to the components of language.
6. Reading builds analytical skills and helps children to become powerful writers.
7. Reading improves children's overall work and progress in every subject.
8. Reading increases concentration when children unplug and focus on the page.
9. Reading entertains and inspires.
10. Reading every day enhances a child's experience of the world.


My Take Home Reading Club

My Take Home Reading Club (Grades K-3)

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My Take Home Reading Club supports the school home connection with everything you need to organize a home reading program that will motivate your students to read every day.

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My Take Home Reading Club 
Daily reading is one of the most effective ways families can help their children become successful readers.
My Take Home Reading Club includes everything you need to organize your
home reading program:
Engaging Student Books in a range of genres and levels
Teacher Guide with strategies for selecting books, or helping students choose
Display Boxes and Customizable Dividers to organize books in your class
Book Bags and Reading Logs for distributing and keeping track of books
Personalized Letter to communicate with
students' families
Classroom Poster and Accomplishment Certificates to track and reward student progress
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Smart Steps
(Grades K-2)

Develop Strategic, Independent Readers with an Integrated Literacy Program.

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